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Our Staff

*NOTE: This page is for staff members who do not have their own radio show. For profiles of our show hosts, see our Shows page.


Jonathan Westerling – Founder and President

Jonathan-Westerling-150x150Jonathan Westerling grew up in the small rural town of Harvard, Massachusetts, a town with literally a single traffic light and more apple orchards per capita than any other town in New England. From this bucolic upbringing, he journeyed to Cleveland, Ohio, where he played the bassoon and earned a Bachelor’s in Musical Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and then a Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Jonathan has spent a lifetime in radio. At the age of 7 he started his first radio station called WXYZ using a Radio Shack Mr. Microphone in the living room. In middle school he graduated to working at NPR stations WICN in Worcester, Massachusetts and WCPN in Cleveland. And he has held positions in other stations around the nation — KYSL, WWUH, and WQFS.

He spent seven years as a producer at San Francisco’s legendary KGO (ABC Radio), and was responsible for many of the most popular programs on the station. Jonathan founded Radio Sausalito in 1999 to provide the community with an on-air presence that had gone missing since San Rafael’s KTIM went off the air in the ‘90s. Over the last decade, he has operated the station continuously and provided on air training and opportunities to hundreds of people.

Jonathan is restoring the 1967 Jaguar MK2 previously owned by the late cartoonist Phil Frank. He is also a member of the Sausalito Police Department (volunteer) and the Marin County Sheriff’s Department (RACES communications). And Jonathan was elected to the board of the Community Media Center of Marin.


Joe Agro – Music Director

Joe-Agro_color_150x150Joe Agro is Radio Sausalito’s Music Director. His activities include helping with the planning of Radio Sausalito’s musical style, the preparation and maintenance of play lists for the different time slots, and auditioning recordings sent to us and including them in play lists as appropriate.

Artists wishing to have their CDs considered for airing on Radio Sausalito should see our CD Submissions page.

Joe Agro was born and raised in The Islands — Manhattan, Staten and Long, where he worked his way through school playing the saxophone around The City. Having studied engineering and business, he worked day jobs for awhile and raised a family. In 1989, after not playing for nearly thirty years, he started playing music again. He moved to the Bay Area in 1994, and later retired from his business career.

Joe now devotes most of his working time to music: playing saxophones; managing bands, including the Bossmen and the Starduster Orchestra; running jazz festivals and other entertainment events; writing articles for music publications; working for the Monterey Jazz Festival; volunteering as Music Director for Radio Sausalito; and, of late, coauthoring a book about the drummer Harold Jones, written along with his friends Harold Jones and Gil Jacobs.




Mike Larner – Engineer

Mike_Larner_150x150Photo by Court Mast

Mike Larner is the engineer for the station’s broadcasts, both in the studio and in the field. He grew up in San Francisco and got his first radio DJ job in 1964 — a 6am-10am shift on weekends at a classical music station (a stretch for a partying college student). In 1967 he moved over to KFRC and played the hits for a couple of years, then he decided he’d rather make the hits than play them. He landed a position with Columbia Records when they opened a recording studio in San Francisco in 1970.

Over the years, Mike worked with Columbia and other studios on recordings of major artists like Quicksilver Messenger Service, Sons Of Champlain, Santana, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Simon & Garfunkel, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Barbra Streisand, Taj Mahal, Confunction, and Herbie Hancock.

Mike eventually branched out into design and construction of recording studio equipment, digital electronics, and more studio/electronics gigs too numerous to mention here. Mike retired in 2001 and is now comfortably living in Mill Valley, and giving back to the community through Radio Sausalito, under the gentle tutelage of Squints, The Overlord.




Squints – Overlord

squints2-150x150Photo by Court Mast

Squints oversees our production studio and facilities, and is considered by many to be the heart and soul of Radio Sausalito. He maintains a rigorous schedule — on site 24-7-364, the one exception being Memorial Day when he honors his previous eight lives. He welcomes each host and worker with his signature spondaic greeting, “Meow,” and maintains a zen-like composure in a working studio often punctuated with exclamations of frustration.

Though untrained in the technical side of audio production, Squints has extremely sensitive ears and an uncanny sense of what makes a radio show click. With gentle direction, often a slight nod or blink, he provides subtle comments about each host’s performance. These gestures can communicate the success or failure of a particular passage, giving valuable feedback and encouragement to the often tearful host.

Born to a large family, Squints is one of an extremely rare breed — a native Sausalitan. He has a love of all things aquatic, especially fish. Like everyone at Radio Sausalito, Squints receives no monetary remuneration for his services, but rather enjoys the spiritual benefits of the station’s programming, the camaraderie, the sense of community, and the occasional dry cat treat.


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