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Volunteer! Be on the Radio!

Radio Sausalito is powered by its volunteers. Below, you’ll find some of the positions that might be just right for you.  Perhaps you have always wanted to get into radio. Or someone you know listens to radio all the time and would make a great DJ. Don’t be frustrated that there aren’t any small independent radio stations left in the Bay Area because we’re right here! For over a decade, Radio Sausalito station has offered  residents the opportunity to get into radio and learn the art of broadcasting hands-on. This is a real radio station with real listeners and a county-wide footprint. Over the years, our volunteers have created award winning shows and shared their creative vision through the most intimate medium: radio, the medium of the mind.  In fact several of our volunteers have graduated to professional radio careers after getting their start at Radio Sausalito! If you’re interested in one of these positions, please contact us and express your interest!
Program Hosts/Producers
We are always looking for people to have a show on the air. Your show can be about the local things that you’re passionate about. What exactly?

Well, here are some solid show ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

* Film Reviews – Sample the cinema at our local theater and report on your thoughts. Here’s your opportunity to trash that awful comedy you just wasted $10 on.

* Weather reports – Even though there’s not much weather in southern marin, but if you’re the one in the office who always knows what the weather is going to be, here’s your chance to share your talent for the barometer.

* Jazz – If you love jazz, you’ll love our music library. Share your carefully selected iPod playlists with a wider audience. Share your passion for America’s music.

* Wine – We’re a  short drive from the world’s biggest wine region. Now you can attend the Rhone Rangers with a media badge!

* Restaurant reviews. If you’re like most of us, you eat out all the time. Our review show has proven that Sausalito is hungry to know which tables are where its at.

* Social Scene – I you like being seen around town, others want to hear you dish the dirt. Where is the hot party this weekend? You’ll be invited when now that you have a radio show.

* News: Work with a local paper like the Pacific Sun or Bohemian to put together a weekly summary of relevant stories.

* Cooking – One of our most successful program over the years combined a weekly recipe with a jazz tune that went with it.

* Library – partner with the local library to highlight new books, guest speakers and services that encourage people to make use of one of the city’s most valuable resources.

Music Hosts:
If tunes are more your style, we welcome you to try your hand at the mic!
  • Latin Jazz
  • Traditional Blues
  • “Live at the No-Name” – Host a live weekly show on Friday nights in Sausalito.
  • 78 RPM – Vintage jazz. We’ve got a record player too!
Program Manager
This is an importat position. It is  the force behind the quality programs being heard by our listeners:
  • Monitor weekly shows for proper broadcast to avoid dead air and errors.
  • Monitor Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to make sure they are current.
  • Select archived shows to be heard by the listening audience.
  • Craft clever and interesting promos to .
This person will guide the station into the Internet age:
  • Maintain and update the website. WordPress skills a plus, but not necessary.
  • Oversee and update our show descriptions, photos and podcasts.
  • Monitor and maintain our Live Internet Stream.
  • Keep our social media content up to date..
Staff Audiophile / Sound Engineer
Put your golden ears and sound opinions to use:
  • There are numerous settings and dials to be adjusted to optimize our audio
  • You’ll monitor the quality of our sound via AM, Cable, and Internet so it sounds good to you.
  • Have an entire radio station as your personal sound system to tweak!
Live Concert Engineer
We’ll provide the equipment so you can:
  • Get free admission to great shows
  • Identify and record these important local concerts.
  • Promote live music through concert broadcasts
  • Edit and announce the broadcasts on air.
Listener Services / Promotions
Get creative! Improve listeners’ experience with innovative projects:
  • Create and host on air contests.
  • Work with local venues to promote local music and provide our listeners with cool giveaways.
  • Reach out to the folks who listen and hear why they love the station!
Radio Sausalito maintains only unpaid positions. Training and recording are generally done at our Sausalito studio. Background check and one year commitment required. No prior radio experience needed!   If you’re interested in this volunteer position or have any questions, please contact us via email: info@radiosausalito.org or call (415) 332-JAZZ

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