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How To Listen

1) Use a web browser to sample our Live Internet Stream (works anywhere)

2) Use an app on your smartphone: Most radio apps have directories that include Radio Sausalito. Some of the most popular ones are Tunein,, and MyTuner (works anywhere)

3) Tell your Smart Speaker to “Play Radio Sausalito!”. Please contact us if this doesn’t work for your device. (works anywhere)

4) Use Apple TV: Select “Radio” and scroll down in the “Jazz” section to find Radio Sausalito (works in the USA)

5) Use a Radio: Tune your Radio to 1610 AM (works in Southern Marin)

Our music programming covers the entire spectrum of jazz, from the earliest recordings to today’s new artists. And our feature programming includes shows that are custom produced for our listeners in Sausalito and Southern Marin. All the shows are detailed on the Broadcast Calendar page.

Remember Public Service Announcements? You know those helpful announcements that other radio stations somehow forget to play? We’ve got them here. So Listen Up Marin! This station’s for YOU!


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Program Guide

Note that Tide Tones plays at approximately :20 and :40 past the hour but is preempted by feature shows. ***The style of music you’ll hear during the hour is shown by colors: *** Big Band   Jazz Favorites  Swing   Vocals   Latin  Straight Ahead Jazz   Blues

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1610 AM in Southern Marin

Radio Sausalito operates a network of tiny FCC certified neighborhood repeaters, each broadcasting with about 100 milliwatts. Due to terrain, buildings, and the variable quality of radios. you may not be able to receive the station in all of these areas. However, with a good AM radio, the station can be heard well beyond the …

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Cable TV Listening

Hear Radio Sausalito on your television! Cable TV – Do the following five easy steps to enjoy Radio Sausalito over cable in Marin: 1) Tune to Channel 26. 2) Press MENU twice on the remote. 3) Arrow down to SETUP and press OK. 4) On the next menu, arrow down to AUDIO SETUP and press OK. …

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AM Reception Tips

SIMPLE AM RECEPTION IMPROVEMENT TIPS (Posted with permission from Warren Shulz, Chief Radio Engineer for the great WLS in Chicago.)   Let’s start with tips that are simple and no cost solutions. (Later, we’ll suggest equipment you can purchase.) STEREO SYSTEMS Receivers that are part of a stereo system usually come with an AM “loop” …

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Live Stream

Hear our station anywhere in the world! There are many ways to listen to Radio Sausalito online. Choose one that works for you: Web: pick one of our online players: Simple player (ProNet)  |  TuneIn player  |  HTML5 player iTunes: click to get our .pls (playlist file) Other media player Click Here (m3u file) If …

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