24/7 Christmas Jazz from Radio Sausalito

Last December, over 40,000 jazz lovers around the world tuned into Radio Sausalito for Christmas Jazz! This great service now returns for the 2015 holidays. Just bookmark this page or click on the link below to enjoy great jazz to enrich your holidays. And its provided commercial-free so it’s perfect for your holiday party or festivities! Happy holidays from all of us at Radio Sausalito.


Hot Jazz Heats Up Radio Sausalito this Fall

Sausalito’s AM radio waves and online stream will come alive with “Hot Jazz” thanks to a unique locally-produced music program debuting this week on Radio Sausalito. Jazz Rhythm explores this music from the first half of the last century and how the Bay Area’s colorful characters and culture helped shape what has been called America’s most original art form.

Many one-of-a-kind recordings and performances from local venues will be played on the series, ranging from the pub-like Club Hangover on Bush Street to Sacramento’s huge Dixieland festivals. Exclusive interviews feature local artists who underscore the Bay Area’s unique contributions to jazz history like trombonist Bob Mielke, reedman Bob Helm, and singer Clancy Hayes.

The series is produced and hosted by six-time award-winning broadcaster, Dave Radlauer who has been presenting classic jazz since 1982. “Sausalito and Southern Marin are jewels of the Bay Area where I’ve spent happy times hiking, dining, and working,” says Radlauer. “I’m delighted to be partnering with Radio Sausalito to bring my series to jazz lovers in the area.”

The first episode of Jazz Rhythm premiers September 23rd on Radio Sausalito with new episodes available every week throughout the fall. Listeners can tune in Wednesdays at noon and again at 7pm to catch the latest episodes on the air and streaming online at radiosausalito.org

Jazz Rhythm Logo

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Radio Sausalito Show Wins International Award!

Radio Sausalito is proud to announce that one of its locally produced shows, The Joys of Jazz, has won a prestigious New York Festivals Award as one of the best radio shows in the world.  The trophy, in the form of a bronze microphone, was presented Monday in New York City to the show’s host and producer Bob Hecht. This marks the first time a Radio Sausalito show has earned such high honors on an international stage.

The New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards honors radio programming and promotions in all lengths and formats from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe. The Joys of Jazz was nominated in the category “Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program” which is open to radio shows featuring music of any genre. Other nominees in this catagory, with entries from over 30 countries, included The New York Philharmonic This Week hosted by Alec Baldwin, and Song Travels with Michael Feinstein.

Show host Bob Hecht has been producing The Joys of Jazz each week in the Radio Sausalito studios since the show began in 2013. A veteran jazz DJ, Hecht is honored to win the award, “It’s especially gratifying and encouraging that a show presenting jazz, a genre representing such a small segment of the commercial market, is being recognized in such a big way,” Hecht said.

The Joys of Jazz presents carefully curated musical programs each week focusing on particular themes along with excerpts from Hecht’s interviews with a variety of notable musicians. The show celebrates the works of great jazz composers, instrumentalists and singers, as well as the central role played by the Great American Songbook in enriching the jazz repertoire. The Joys of Jazz is heard every Friday at 4 and 8 pm and again on Sunday at 8pm on Radio Sausalito.

NY Festivals Radio Sausalito

Radio Sausalito Show is Finalist for International Award

UPDATE: A Bronze for The Joys of Jazz! Congratulations, Bob!


The Joys Of Jazz with Bob Hecht has been judged a finalist for the prestigious New York Festival awards which annually recognize the top programs in radio around the world! The show, which profiles the special musical elements and musicians in jazz, is nominated under the very competitive category “best regularly scheduled music program.” Fellow nominees in the category include the New York Philharmonic and Broadway Legend Michael Feinstein.  Winners will be announced June 1st.

Radio Sausalito NY festivals nomination

Dock of the Bay… Episode 7: Tourism

Tourism is an aspect of Sausalito that is unavoidable. At certain times of year in certain parts of town, it’s possible to escape its reach, but come summertime on a Sunday afternoon on Sausalito’s main street,  the pervasiveness of the tourist economy hits you square in the face. Local comedian Arthur Gaus was recruited to lend an eye on the scene. His observations are placed alongside tourism facts from former Sausalito Historical Society President Larry Clinton, insights from veteran panhandler Peter Romanowsky, and comments from artist and Sausalito tourist David Shrigley.


Dock of the Bay… Episode 6: Anchor Outs

Sausalito has some of the most expensive real estate in the country — million dollar homes stack the hillsides, and even parking spaces command a hefty price tag. Amongst this scene, there exists a community known as anchor outs or live-aboards that are navigating the waters of Sausalito’s real estate and living rent free in middle of Richardson’s Bay. In this episode, Ale Eckstrom, who has lived anchored out since 1963, explains a life in which rent is paid not in money, but in attention and in hardship.


Dock of the Bay… Episode 4: The Natives

Sausalito’s history is rooted in its past life as a fishing village. Seaforager and storyteller Kirk Lombard talks about the underwater populations of Sausalito and reveals the hidden stories of those that live above and below the surface — including information about the enigmatic (and local annoyance) Sausalito Singing Toadfish.