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For the local news and information, Radio Sausalito’s got you covered!

Celluloid Dreams – Our local movie show features information and interviews about whats playing on our smaller local screens (as well as the big blockbusters). Listen in to hear about interesting flicks that you might not otherwise know about.

Sausalito Secret History – Vignettes exploring the tidbits and trivia about our little village by the bay. These air occasionally during the week in between our musical selections. Also available as a Podcast. Produced in association with the Sausalito Historical Society.

Tide Tones is broadcast on air every 20 minutes as a service to Marin’s waterfront community. And its Web page features an updated graphic representation of today’s tides for Sausalito and the Golden Gate!

Public Service Announcements – Listen for short announcements which play between our musical selections a few times each hour informing you about events, projects, opportunities, and happenings in our neighborhoods. We air thousands of these announcements every year to support the non-profit and governmental organizations that are working hard to make our community a better, more fun place to live.


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Local Live Music

Live Music Line Up is hosted by Mari Mack, and plays at the bottom of every hour on Radio Sausalito. Here’s an online version of the current live music listings for Sausalito and Southern Marin, provided by Local Music Vibe.

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Sausalito Tides

Hosted by Greg Greunke, Tide Tones plays approximately every 30 minutes on Radio Sausalito, with a reading of the upcoming tides. Here is an online version. The RED LINE is the current time. Sausalito tides are about 20 minutes later. Here’s a an additional link to, with an excellent rendering of our tides: Tide …

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