A Different Slant 173: It’s Voting Time Again

For Labor Day, Host John Flavin parodies “It’s Crying Time Again” with a woeful rendition of “It’s Voting Time Again”, with verses for the incumbents, the challenger and Measure O.


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A Different Slant 172: Interview with Sausalito City Council Challenger, Jill Hoffman

Host John Flavin interviews Jill Hoffman, challenger for a seat on the Sausalito City Council.  Jill discusses her education and background, the reasons she is running, how she will handle her colleagues once elected and her goals for her term.


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A Different Slant 171: Whack A Mole

Dealing with the Marin planning process can often remind you of the arcade game Whack A Mole.


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A Different Slant 170: The Tyrant of Marin

Learn the five steps host John Flavin would take if made the Tyrant of Marin


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Sausalito’s Secret History 035: Botts

William Richardson dreamed of a city springing up in Sausalito. Charles Botts actually did something about it.



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Sausalito’s Secret History 034 Gabrielson

Gabrielson Park was once known as “The Hole.”



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Audubon’s Bay Birds 105 – Black Oystercatcher

Impossible to mistake, this stout bird has been making quite a stir in Richardson Bay this summer. Listen in to this edition of Bay Birds and learn why the Black Oystercatcher has stolen our hearts and attention.


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The Field Trip Episode 092 Dezi Gallegos…

Mitchell talks with 18 year-old theater writer, director and actor Dezi Gallegos.
Gallegos, known in the Bay Area as ‘the performance-prodigy’ has been performing in theater since age seven and at age fourteen co-wrote and co-directed the play ‘Prop. 8 Love-Stories’ which played off-Broadway in New York City.


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A Different Slant 169: Neighborhood Crime, the Why’s and the Possible Cure

Neighborhood crime is on the uptick.  Hear why and some concrete ideas for solutions.


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Live Interview with Belgian Trumpeter Jean-Paul Estievenart

Jonathan Westerling interviews Jean-Paul Estievenart – a young trumpet virtuoso who has been getting rave reviews for effectively capturing traditional jazz elements in his new compositions which are sampled here.  What makes it possible to make a good living as a freelance jazz player in Brussels?
(Note that this is a large file, so it may take a few minutes to download.)


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Live Interview with Guitarist Quentin Dujardin from Brussels

Jonathan Westerling interviews Jazz guitarist Quentin Dujardin blends melodies from around the world into his jazz. The interview includes a live on-air performance, as well as tracks from his latest CD “Distances”.
(Note that this is a large file, so it may take a few minutes to download.)


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Live interview from Belgium with Bandleader Michael Herr

Jonathan Westerling interviews Michel Herr – An accomplished bandleader and composer who is celebrating the 200th birthday of the inventor of the saxophone with several pieces for that instrument. We also hear several selections of his music.  The audio quality improves as the interview progresses.
(Note that this is a large file, so it may take a few minutes to download.)


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A Different Slant 168: Protect and Honor

Has host John Flavin gone off his rocker?  Suggesting a Sausalito ordinance that requires all adult citizens pack a gun?  Maybe he’s crazy like a fox…listen to his logic.

Also when do the Four Horsemen on the Sausalito City Council finally recognize who was the real force behind a win-win outcome for the most recent Housing Element?  It would be painful for them but they really need to do so.  Hear why.


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The Field Trip Episode 091 Bob Currier Part 2

Mitchell continues his chat with Marin Shakespeare Company’s Artistic Director Bob Currier.
2014 marks the MSC’s 25th year in business.


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Audubon’s Bay Birds 104 – Bald Eagle

One our Nations most enduring symbols, this bird has triumphed over tragedy. Listen in to this edition of Bay Birds and be inspired by the majestic Bald Eagle.


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Audubon’s Bay Birds 103 – Northern Mockingbird

He’s back! Calling at all hours of the day and night and mimicking any number of bird calls and human sounds while doing so. Have you heard him yet? Listen in to this edition of Bay Birds for a visit with the Northern Mockingbird.


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Audubon’s Bay Birds 102 – Water

Water is a precious resource in California and it isn’t just us humans or our yards in trouble. Listen in to this edition of Bay Birds for a better understanding of the droughts impact on birds.


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Audubon’s Bay Birds 101 – Common Merganser

Head a little inland to our freshwater rivers, ponds, and lakes and you are likely to come across this beauty. Listen in to this edition of Bay Birds and learn a bit about the Common Merganser.


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A Different Slant 167: Lily Pad Homes

Host John Flavin interviews Rachel Ginis, principal of Lily Pad Home regarding “junior second units”, a creative version of accessory dwelling units which presents a “win-win-win” situation for homeowners, tenants and the City.  Listen to the show and then let your elected officials know you support junior second units.


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The Field Trip Episode 091 Marin Shakespeare Company’s Bob Currier…

Mitchell chats with Bob Currier, Artistic Director of The Marin Shakespeare Company, which is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary season at Forest Meadows Amphitheater in San Rafael, California.


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A Different Slant 166: The Proposed Increase to the Sausalito Sales Tax Rate

Host John Flavin reviews the proposed sales tax increase including the City’s rationale and some concerns he has about the increase.  If the rationale for the tax hike is to fund capital improvements, why are four City Council members refusing to earmark the revenue from the tax increase to capital improvements?  He urges both his listeners to tell the City Clerk they don’t like this increase and they would certainly never vote for it unless the revenues are dedicated to capital improvements.


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The Field Trip Episode 090 Susi Damilano ‘Into the Woods’…

Mitchell talks with San Francisco Playhouse producing-director Susi Damilano about their current offering, Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Into the Woods’…

Susi Damilano and Bill English founded the San Francisco Playhouse in 2003.

Tix and info : sfplayhouse.org


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A Different Slant 165: Why The High Cost Survey?

Host John Flavin suspects that the recent Sausalito voter survey involving two consulting groups is nothing more than a high-priced puff piece to help support the passage in November of the ballot for the proposed one-half cent sales tax increase and the re-election of incumbent(s).  His suspicion is partially based on the refusal of City officials to release the questions asked in the survey.  Listen to his other reasons.


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A Different Slant 164: Marin County Like Iraq?

Why does Host John Flavin compare the current political polarization in Marin County to Iraq?


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A Different Slant 163: Closing the Deal

The City Council now has an option to satisfy the requirements of the state-imposed Housing Element numbers without applying zoning overlays…but will it close the deal?


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