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Radio Sausalito produces a wide range of original shows. Below are descriptions of the shows and biographies of the hosts.

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DJ Mistie’s House of Jazz

DJ Mistie’s House of Jazz – Thursdays at 4pm and 8pm on Radio Sausalito Host DJ Mistie. Photo by Court Mast. House of Jazz is a weekly jazz show featuring local Bay Area jazz artists for your listening enjoyment. House of Jazz brings the fabulous music of Bay Area talent to Marin listeners. So sit back and …

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Dock of the Bay: Stories of Sausalito

Coming soon to Radio Sausalito. A series of short-form radio documentaries that use research and interviews to explore a city’s varied landscapes, soundscapes, and even its smellscapes. To see the all podcasts of Dock of the Bay click HERE. To e-mail this host, see our Contact the Station page.   In partnership with Radio Sausalito …

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Dream Farm Radio

Dream Farm Radio – Wednesdays at 4pm and 8pm on Radio Sausalito   Julie Lavender brings listeners right into the family barn with its soaring posts and beams and its panoramic view of the countryside. Each week, she welcomes accomplished independent musicians and encourages their dreams, as they perform their music and talk about what inspires them. …

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Jazz Rhythm

Jazz Rhythm – Wednesdays at noon and 7pm on Radio Sausalito   Host: David Radlauer   JAZZ RHYTHM explores the music, story and context of early jazz; the colorful characters and culture that shaped it.  These vivid and informative programs enrich our understanding presenting the unique voices and lives that defined America?s most original art form. The series …

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Martha Barnette

A Way with Words

A Way with Words airs Friday and Saturday from noon-1pm on Radio Sausalito (Fridays from noon-1pm on Marin Cable 26). A Way with Words is an upbeat and lively hour-long public radio show about language examined through history, culture, and family. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers from around the world about slang, grammar, old sayings, word …

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Bay Birds

Bay Birds plays Thursdays at the top of every hour on Radio Sausalito (Thursdays at 4pm on Marin Cable 26). To see all the podcasts of Bay Birds click HERE. Hosts Wendy Dalia and Michael Zigler. San Francisco Bay is a premiere place for birds. And you don’t have to be an ornithologist to know …

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Gumbo airs Tuesdays from 4-5pm, repeating  Tuesday and Saturday from 8-9pm (Tuesday from 4-5pm Marin Cable 26). Host RuthAnn Spike. Photo by Michael Neville. Gumbo is a weekly jazz and blues radio show featuring the music, culture and people of New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s gonna be tasty — each week we share a bit of the …

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Ray Smith

Jazz Decades

Jazz Decades airs Sundays and Mondays from 4-5pm on Radio Sausalito (Monday from 4-5pm on Marin Cable 26). Host Ray Smith Jazz Decades features traditional jazz, big band, and swing from the 20th century and earlier, including recordings from as early as 1890. Host Ray Smith has been the voice of Jazz Decades for more than 30 years, culling …

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Last Dance

The Last Dance airs Sundays from 10-11am and 6-7pm on Radio Sausalito. Host Dizzy Jones. Photo by Z. Caldwell. Sultry Swing. Moody Blues. Events. Advice. The Last Dance is at once a radio show that is anything and everything. If you’re lost, then look no further. This may be what you’re searching for. Internationally known, well …

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Live Music Line Up

Live Music Line Up airs at the bottom of every hour on Radio Sausalito. See the current local listings NOW on our LOCAL>LIVE MUSIC LINE UP page. Host Mari Mack. Photo by Arne Frager. Hosted by Mari Mack, Live Music Line Up covers the local music scene in Sausalito and Marin — what’s playing today, …

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Sausalito’s Secret History

Sausalito’s Secret History plays several times each day on Radio Sausalito. To see all the podcasts of Sausalito’s Secret History click HERE. Host Larry Clinton. Photo by Jonathan Westerling. From gangsters to bordellos, Sausalito has seen its share of incidents and characters over 240 years of existence. Join host Larry Clinton for colorful glimpses into …

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Show News

Use the selectors at right to see, hear and subscribe to Show News – – >> Show News is our general bulletin board — a potpourri of podcasts and posts about upcoming shows, newsworthy events, interesting observations and random thoughts from all the station’s hosts and workers.    

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Joys of Jazz

The Joys of Jazz airs at Fridays from 4-5pm, repeating Friday and Sunday 8-9pm(Fridays 4-5 pm on Marin Cable 26) Host Bob Hecht. Photo by Dale Harrison Miller. Quite simply, jazz is the world’s most joyous music. No other music so honors individual expression and freedom, nor swings so much! The Joys of Jazz presents …

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Tide Tones

The Tide Tones plays every 30 minutes on Radio Sausalito (around :15 and :45). See the current local tides NOW on our LOCAL>Todays tides page. Host Peter Huson. Photo by Maureen Huson. Hosted by Peter Huson, Tide Tones announces the highs and lows of today’s tides in Sausalito. Fishermen, sailors and waterfront enthusiasts can keep up …

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