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Belgian Jazz – Live on Radio Sausalito

Thanks to the generosity of these artists, you can click on the links below to hear the audio from these interviews which aired live on Radio Sausalito in July! Just click on the artists’ names below to hear the music and interviews online!

Known for its Sprouts, Belgium’s jazz flows to Sausalito

The recent World Cup put a spotlight on Belgium, a small European country known for its beer and eponymous sprouts. But music is also a part of Belgian culture as it is home to famous names like Jacques Brel, Django Reinhardt, and Adolph Sax – inventor of the Saxophone. Jonathan Westerling the founder of Radio Sausalito, packed some microphones in his suitcase during a recent trip to Belgium to interview European jazz musicians and understand why a distinctly American music continues to thrive on the other side of the Atlantic. The interviews are a unique chance to for US listeners to hear music from the jazz talent being cultivated in that country:

Three decidedly different artists will be profiled:
July 28th (9-10am): Michel Herr – An accomplished bandleader and composer who is celebrating the 200th birthday of the inventor of the saxophone with several pieces for that instrument.

July 29th (9-10am): Jazz guitarist Quentin Dujardin blends melodies from around the world into his jazz including a live on-air performance.

July 30th (9-10am): Jean-Paul Estievenart – a young trumpet virtuoso who has been getting rave reviews for effectively capturing traditional jazz elements in his new compositions.

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