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Marinship @ 75 a Radio Sausalito Celebration

75 years ago, America turned on its radio sets, and heard Sausalito.  A live radio broadcast heard from coast to coast commemorated the opening of the Marinship Plant which changed our community forever and employed 20,000 people through the War. This week on Radio Sausalito, well be reliving this historic broadcast through a live dramatization featuring songs, stories, and comedy!  (Cast and Crew list & photosWe’ll also rehear the original radio broadcast as it happened in 1942.

Tune in Friday June 30th at 4 and 8pm and again Sunday July 2nd at 8pm. Tuning in the station is easy:

1) Use a Web browser: https://www.radiosausalito.org works anywhere)

2) Use an app on your smartphone: Most radio apps have directories that include Radio Sausalito. Some of the most popular ones are Tunein, Radio.net , and MyTuner (works anywhere)

3) Use Cable TV: tune to MarinTV channel 26 and use your remote to select the alternate audio channel sometimes called “SAP” (works in Marin County only)

4) Use Apple TV: Select “Radio” and scroll down in the “Jazz” section to find Radio Sausalito (works in the USA)

5) Use a Radio: Tune to 1610 AM (works in Sausalito)


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