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Bay Birds

Bay Birds plays Thursdays at the top of every hour on Radio Sausalito (Thursdays at 4pm on Marin Cable 26).

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Hosts Wendy Dalia and Michael Zigler.

San Francisco Bay is a premiere place for birds. And you don’t have to be an ornithologist to know that these winged wonders are an essential part of the area’s natural beauty. Bay Birds takes a closer look at the birds that make the Bay Area great — explaining in plain terms the amazing creatures we see every day.

Join hosts Wendy Dalia and Michael Zigler for a little science, a little natural history, and more than a little fun. You’re bound to learn something new with every episode. Bay Birds is brought to you by the people who know birds best — the National Audubon Society and its Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Tiburon. Welcome to Bay Birds.


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