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Make a donation today and we’ll send you an Internet Radio!

Note: This is a limited time offer which expires September 30, 2015.

Make a $150 donation to Radio Sausalito, and we’ll send you a ccWifi internet radio. This radio is the modern and effortless way to listen to radio stations with clear digital sound, and even without a computer. Your desktop model ccWifi radio works just like a regular radio with built in speaker, and once it is connected to your home internet signal*, you’ll be able to tune in Radio Sausalito or any of 10,000 other stations online, at the click of a button.

I have been using this little desktop radio for several months now, and it is remarkably easy to tune in just about any station in the world with great sound and convenience. Plus if you live nearby, we’ll be happy to personally deliver and setup the radio for you, if you’d like.

Please show your support for Radio Sausalito today – your donation helps keep great jazz and community radio on the air in Southern Marin. Just click here and make your donation via paypal. If your donation is more than $150, we’ll make sure you receive a ccWifi radio as a thank you gift. Thanks very much!


*You must have wifi (sometimes called 802.11 or a hotspot) at home to use the ccWifi radio

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