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Radio Sausalito Volunteers Featured in Houseboat Newsletter!

Radio Sausalito volunteers Court Mast, Peter Huson and Larry Clinton were featured in the Floating Homes newsletter sent out today. The text is below.  Here’s a link to the full newsletter:  http://www.floatinghomes.org/FT/2013/Newsletter_2013_5.pdf


Jazz Radio Lures Floating Home Owners
by Court Mast
Peter Huson loves jazz music, and boasts a jazz re- cord collection going back decades. Larry Clinton owns and manages the rights to his father’s Big Band jazz compositions. Court Mast writes jazz pieces and produced a jazz CD with a Sausalito theme. And now, all three floating home owners have found a new way to touch their jazz roots, but in a slightly tangential fashion. They volunteer at Sausalito’s jazz radio sta- tion, Radio Sausalito.
Peter’s handle is “The Tide Guy,” on a show called Larry Clinton, Peter Huson and Court Mast in the Radio Sausalito
Tide Tones. He reads the times and heights of today’s studio. Photo by Marling Mast tides in Sausalito along with a bit of trivia – “On this day in 1917, Ella Fitzgerald was born.” Larry produces and hosts Sausalito’s Secret History, a specialty show of scintillating segments from Sausalito’s past, such as Underwater Streets (those empty spaces on our docks) and Alcatraz Indians (they met in 1969 at the No Name Bar before starting their occupation of the island). Court is the station’s Webmaster, responsible for the sparkling new website and the new Internet Stream.
The station’s tiny studio is tucked in a private home above downtown Sausalito, and its 100-milliwatt signal on 1610  AM can barely be heard while driving along Bridgeway. But since September 1st, it’s been streaming online in full stereo at (www.RadioSausalito.org). So Listen Up, World!
Radio Sausalito is looking for more volunteers and show hosts, especially those with an interest in jazz music and Marin issues. You don’t need to be a floating home owner to volunteer, but we all know where the best talent comes from.


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