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Last Dance

The Last Dance airs Sundays from 10-11am and 6-7pm on Radio Sausalito.

Dizzy Jones 3 150x150

Host Dizzy Jones. Photo by Z. Caldwell.

Sultry Swing. Moody Blues. Events. Advice. The Last Dance is at once a radio show that is anything and everything. If you’re lost, then look no further. This may be what you’re searching for.

Internationally known, well known, and often the life of parties she hasn’t attended, Dizzy Jones has worked professionally as an actor, singer and dancer. She is so charismatic she shares inside jokes with complete strangers and is often detained by airport security because they find her so. . . fascinating.

Ms. Jones has crossed the point of no return twice and the stars in her eyes have recently been acknowledged by NASA.


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